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Phase Shifter Solutions
Waveline Solid State specializes in RF and Microwave phase shifters of all types. Our 35+ years experience in phase shifter design, coupled with our extensive design portfolio, enable us to quickly supply you with either an existing or a custom designed product - in most cases with no NRE.

Additionally, our in-depth phase shifter knowledge and experience in both military and commercial markets give us the unique ability and flexibility to match the best design type to your application and budget. Whether your requirement is varactor controlled (continuously variable), switched line (linear phase vs. freq. slope), bi-phase modulator, mechanical, linearized or non-linear, digital or analog control - we've got it covered. Vector modulators and QPSK modulators are also available.

Phase Shift ranges to 360 degrees and beyond, digital resolution to 10 Bits, variety of control voltage ranges, phase-flat designs, linear phase vs. frequency designs, etc.

Linearized Voltage Controlled Phase Shifters QPSK Modulators Digital Phase Shifters
Digitally Controlled Analog Phase Shifters Vector Modulators Reflective Phase Shifters
Switched Line Phase Shifters( PIN Diode ) Loaded Line Phase Shifters Octave Bandwidths
Continuously Variable Varactor Phase Shifters Mechanical Phase Shifters Narrow-Band
Analog Phase Shifters ( Voltage Controlled  ) Bi-Phase Modulators  

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